Werewolves of WoD

Session – 6, Death Rages 2 (11)
Session – 6, Death Rages 2 (11)

Session – 6, Death Rages 2 (11)

Session starts with Bubba waking up and than heading to the air port, she gets cut off by the national guard, things go south and he flee’s at riffle point but not at the point of aggression. The iron master gets confused, wanders around, and than goes hunting rabbit for an hour and a half. The shaman and the alpha hold a mini war council and head to the white mountain master’s territory. They go into the conviencance store so the alpha can buy some booze, the alpha sets off ZOMGS TERRORIST bells in the clerks head, and she pulls a shot gun. He goes war form, freaks her out, shrugs off some shells and than leaves. The shaman went around back and popped the power, or tried to, the alpha managed to knock it out, and they ran on to the white mountain master’s territory.

The white mountain masters saw nothing to gain and everything to lose so didnt want to form an alliance against the cleveland street kings. Neither the white mountain masters nor the maniacs want to engage in a war where they can’t gain the territory for no reason.

The iron master goes to eat some food, the hunter harasses godzilla and than runs towards the town. People run around the town for a bit, and gather bits and bobble, alex gets some cell phones and a laptop…

War council over the alpha and the shaman make, ahem, ask the iron master to read from the book to learn how to fly a plane. Bubba runs off to act as a distraction to pull the guards away from the air port, while the rest of the pack prepares to sneak off towards the plane. Bubba gets shot to shit after shooting three down, the other werewolves cast darkness over the area and run for the plane. They induce lunacy in the army but than get shot to shit anyway. At which point eventually the only person who can pilot the ship death rages, and begins to flee so the other two flee as well.

They regroup at the river and cross over into the shadow realm. The hunter in darkness says he needs to get weapons and the shaman points out he can call a merchant, they dont need to go to the human world and make strange deals. A merchant of death is summoned and they strike a bargain for a g3, the hunter in darkness is happy. The hunter in darkness gets healed for 1 point of aggravated for all his essense. The army shows up…they talk some and than run to the air port…get chased off…and than run back to the river…than south to taunt godzilla. At which point they taunt godzilla until the hunter in darkness shoots the messenger. Combat begins, and than the hunter goes down in a shot…death rages…runs for 10 minutes and dies.

The pack goes and buries the body in the grave yard, and the iron master walks off…towards the north… into the sunset.

2 death rages…
2 pack members gone…
2 pack members left…
12 enemies…to go…2 missions to accomplish…and no real reason to do much of anything…

Session - 5, Death Rage 1(9)

Session – 5, Death Rages 1 (9)

The pack goes to the aiport, fails to plan for awhile and the shaman goes outside while they continue to talk about which member will be stabbed or shot and pretend to be autistic. The shaman summons a spirit of a gremal… who disables the power to the airport. The shaman than goes back into the airport while the pack is still argueing about what to do. The pack takes turn flirting and failing with the secretary, and having shotguns pulled out at them from the convience store worker. The alpha than inpires the clerk into filling him full of lead… and than Bubba comes over and shouts ZOMGS HE’S BEEN SHOT…the alpha tries to call the police…and Bubba… wanders off, than came back and wandered off again after the alpha.

The iron master and the shaman cross over at Emily’s loci and speak with her about negotiating with the matinence man, they reach a sucessful negotiation in which the iron master will give the maintence man 10 batteries within the lunar cycle. The alpha death rages and kills the employee at the convience store, who is special agent johnson of the F.B.I., and than runs away. Bubba than follows him along and they revert to non death rage outside of town, and they start following along the to get to the river.

The shaman watches the man die, and him and death clock feed off the death. At which point they spy from the shadow realm on the police and the FBI. They go to the runway and hunt down a rabbit, the shaman finds a rabbit and summons the fox to deliver a message to the cleveland street kings. He and the iron master than runs back to the river to meet up with the pack and the the loci. Bubba and the pack master also make their way back to the river, after the alpha recieves many phone calls from all the werewolf sources in town. They get back to the river and formulate a plan… the shaman will go try and talk with godzilla and the rest of the pack will go to the airport. The rest of the pack ends up being the alpha alone as the iron master determines the most important thing is to go to a radio shack and find a laptop. He goes to the radio shack and gets kicked out, not the most social of predators. He gets kicked out of radio shack and than walks 20 miles to the nearest town… which has 4 farm and a gas station, and nobody to sell him a laptop. He than…uses his smart phone to identify the closest town and determines… they don’t have laptops either…so he walks back.

The alpha gets to the airport and negotiates with the law and order spirit’s the FBI and police brought in, he gets permission for the pack to be observer’s in the war on terror the law and order guys are doing. The problem with this is that Emily and her gang are getting the crap kicked out of them, and the alpha goes in to get his info. He makes a poorly situated deal with Emily and gets shafted a bit on the info, he refuses to offer her aid as she refuses to offer him payment. He watch’s as they billy club her and take her and her choir into custody, she is already fading into death as they escort her out. The shaman gets in good with the captain and gets a shiny tin badge, so does the alpha.

The alpha and the shaman go and summon a gremal, to see if it can disable the plane. He points out he can’t fly and he needs more info on the plane. The alpha goes to get more info and the shaman goes and talks to all the random bits and bobbles around the airport, does some spying, and doesnt find anyone who will directly be able to, or want to deal with the plane. There is some more shinanigans and eventually they all show up at the airport. They go to the fair grounds on the shadow side and see some of the interesting sites, though it is a barren. The shaman identified something behind the hot dog stand but only on the physical side of the gauntlet. At that point the shaman pointed out now or never on the airplane, and…they went back and watched it land. Than talked about it some more.

The shaman than went around town, talked to the river, the graveyard, each and every pack within town with the exception of the pure… while the alpha and the iron master watched the plane. He made some alliances, found out some info, and got the general gist of everyone elses thoughts and feelings on the matter. Got the maniacs to deal with godzilla, got a landing strip to land a plane for the cleveland street kings, and found out they had a police who pretty much worked for the cleveland street king. The shaman than found out that possesion spirits hang out at raves, and from the white mountain masters there is a rave at the university at 1 oclock, and the spirits should be there. Permission from the cleveland street kings was given to be on their turf while the pack was working to get the crack. The alpha than sent the shaman into the police station, a meeting was arranged, info was exchanged, and than we broke for the night.

PvPvP..v some more P
Session – 4, Death Rage – 4 (8)

Session – 4, Death Rage – 4 (8)

The session started with a missed text message from Puffy, and a phone call from the tennis courts. It was the Cleveland street kings and they claimed to have captured some of the lost pack… Upon arriving on the scene of the tennis courts the Cleveland street kings are in full party mode. The alphas hold a small discourse and than the shaman discusses with the Ament the call of drugs, the shaman than takes some of the drugs which were offered freely.

The alpha than takes the werewolves and offers them positions within the pack, they get cut by the alpha and the shaman takes their blood. At which point they return to the river territory and while patrolling the shaman fills them in on the things they can and can not do, and than the alpha fills them in on the history of the pack of the unstopable flow. As they reach the end of the rivers towards the lake they happen across a homeless man, the shaman is watching on the other side of the gauntlet and notices that the man is covered in spirit’s and is highly urged, and near to full on being ridden.

The fight begins and the wolves quickly tear through the body, the body takes far longer to die than it should, and across the gauntlet the large spirit begins to eat at the smaller ones who he was forcing to ride the body. The new blood talon delivers the finishing blow, and the shaman determines that the spirit has not learned his lesson, finds the closest loci which is in the myer street maniacs territory, and the alpha declares that the pack should go back to their own loci rather than deal with the maniacs. The shaman runs off and the others follow, the alpha leaves two behind on this side of the gauntlet to track the spirit.

The pack crosses to the other side of the gauntlet and the shaman begins to track the spirit, he takes them to the edge of the maniacs where they socialize with the spirit and he tells the pack that the spirit headed dead east. The pack heads dead east, and comes upon the lake, they find that the lake is in fact a wound. The shaman advises the pack, to run like hell and than ward humans off on the other side. The alpha agree’s and the pack returns to it’s loci at that point the pack is going to the lake to ward it from humans and the shaman points out he needs to do a rite. The shaman meditates as they run off, and than goes to collect the body, at which point he wraps it in the tent and drags it back to the cemetary.

The rest of the pack arrives at the lake with the pack doing look out on both sides of the gauntlet as the alpha begins to ward the lake. Tania the new blood talon keeps careful eye of the spirit world and notices the larger spirit’s within the wound, as he continues to ward the area a thing that looks like a toxic godzilla rises out of the lake and begins to crush its way to the shore. As it makes its way to shore, Bamf, Bubba and Amira start to run like hell… the alpha is made aware and demands they stand firm on the edge of their territory! Instead of running away and letting this dino takes their territory. Godzilla eventually throws a toxic snot ball across the gauntlet and towards Lowell, it lands on this sign of the gauntlet and begins to grow! The alpha declares it is open season, kill it! And they engage… as he sizes it up. Bamf throws a punch…and it is absorbed into the snot monster, as it takes on a human form and begins to attempt to communicate.

The spirit tells them to piss off, and Lowell tells it why don’t you come over here! It opens a massive portal and steps across, at which point it crosses over and says the deal is concluded… Lowell thinks about it, and agrees. While godzilla is walking back towards the lake he mumbles under his breath in loud tones, something about the spawn of Luna. The alpha than starts talking counter smack, Bamf, Bubba and Amira run like all sorts of hell and Blake, Lowell and Tania stand up to the invader of the territory and the nae sayer of the children of Luna! … Blake goes into death rage, than beets Lowell into a death rage, than Blake is talked down from his death rage, and Godzilla re invokes death rage. And…the pack goes all sorts of crazy. And than Bubba comes back! To moon godzilla…and run away for the third time. The two going into fox flight flee towards the white mountain pack and the maniacs, they get talked down…and go down. Than Bubba and Bamf have a staring contest and Bamf wins, Bubba backs down and they drag the alpha to the river…The alpha’s phone rang and than Bubba took the phone call, spoke briefly to the maniacs about the massive ass whupping the pack took, but also said he couldnt give any information…

The pack retreated to the river and than went to the grave yard to reconoiter with the shaman…
the shaman had spent his time dragging off the body to hide it from the humans…and offering it to the spirit of the grave yard, the shaman than performed the rite of the spirit brand on himself, twice. He summoned a lune and recounted unto it the adventures he had undergone, of the glory first that he summons another lune to tell it of his cunning. The lunes both agree and brand him with their marks, conferring to him their exceptional approval, and giving him gifts to go along with his new rank.

The shaman finishes his rites and the burial and than the pack shows up, with parts of it missing, limbs and such, not members. The pack than goes about its normal shinanigans, the alpha smacks Lowell around and Lowell goes into death rage… as he death rages one of the spirit’s of death smacks him down and Lowell starts to go under, he reverts to human form and goes out. The shaman drags him back to the large death spirit and offers forgiveness in his name… and he than drags his unconscious ass out of the graveyard where the pack huddles around him and the shaman goes back in to socialize and try to make things better. He rolls exceptional the spirit brands still shining brightly upon him he manages to soothe some things over.

Lowell and Bubba walk off, and the rest of the pack than confer on what to do next. Bubba desides that he should build a den! As wolves build den’s and Lowell should be safe in a den… the shaman points out he has a tent, the one he buried the hobo in. Bubba goes to the local gas station and buy’s some supplies for Lowell, by the time Bubba get’s back the rest of the pack is there and a TENT is in place, sort of… it’s a bit ragged all around the edges.

At this point they are waiting for the river spirit come dawn when the alpha and the shaman pull out the book again. The alpha begins to use the book until he takes some involintary actions trying to have the shaman read the book as well. The shaman resists the urge, though he has been resisting the urge to peek into the book for as long as it has been used.

Gary tried to cross over and read the book from the other side, but failed. Amira crossed over and started to read the book from the other side. At which point She begins to get utterly mind fucked in massive ways on the spirit side of things, her brain begins to get re written. The pack manages to get her away from the book after she takes three massive doses of brain fucking. She gets dragged across the gauntlet where they begin to look into what she learned and what she did. She than unleashes an ancient tongue that predates even the first tongue, and six out of the eight werewolves present suffer a derangement from it alone. The spirits in the area besides death clock and the river are drained dry of essense and or simply disapear.

A lot of pvp action goes on, as the shaman and the alpha begin to see her as to dangerous to be allowed to roam free, whereas the warriors argue that no no the psycho werewolf with the power to manipulate the universe with words and whims alone should just be left alone for awhile… after slipping away and threatening to unleash her fury upon the pack, and trying to run away from the pack, she was retained. The alpha got in touch with the maniacs, who gave him Puffies number and information on the godzilla monster that had been unleashed. The alpha called puffy and eventually even spoke with him, and than put the shaman on the line. The shaman than told puffy of the situation, the pure, the godzilla and the tongue in which Amira had been using. Puffy pointed out the tongue could be fixed….by massive amounts of drugs. The pure have been looking for the bane for 120 years and would look longer, and nobody cares if they find it, as it will kill them. And godzilla has a massive ban that he could only come over if invited to do so… so he shouldnt be a problem.
…the alpha had invited godzilla over, and godzilla is slowly advancing up the river way. Dun dun dun

…and Amira is now a crack head.

Pack of the Unstoppable Flow
Session - 3, Death Rages - 0 (4)

Made negotiations with the river spirit, took on the river itself as a territory. The negotiations started with the child shaman and the alpha stepped in to conclude the deal. After the spirit agreed to take them on, allowing it to feed until back to full strenght. They than agreed on the spirit providing information on the apache’s providing the shaman could negotiation the spirit into it. In the end for clearing up a clog in the river the spirit would share the information. When they arrived at the clog, the shaman took a piece of the bark and applied burial services to it and the spirit that which had inhabited the tree while it was alive, their was a strange cold sensation that nobody could place. The alpha than moved and smushed the tree after he pulled it from the river.

The apache heard of the white devil, and knew they couldnt confront him with their knives… they attempted to bind the spirits of their ancestors, but got something far more foul. They succeeding in binding it but when they went to unleash it, none of them was alive at the end of the day. They bound it into a staff with the skull of one of the white men who was coming to scout their lands. At the point of activiation the area was…destroyed, life, spirit and so far as the river knew, otherwise.

Upon returning to the graveyard, the pack began to look into claiming their river territory, finding sarah brightman and talking to Death Clock. The alpha used the computer to locate Sarah Brightman…and than gave her a call. After two phone calls in which the first she thought the alpha was a fake cop just messing with her, and the second in which she thought the child on the other end of the phone someone murdered her father, she cursed for a while, the phone was passed around and eventually hung up. The pro was than called and the number of the alpha was given as the new number, as Bubba’s phone was disabled by the alpha.

An agreement to meet with the maniacs is arranged, the street kings will hold the peace talks on their territory, 6 oclock at the corkys. Until that time the pack spends time, first they hunt, than they gather a news paper and read through it. On the front of the paper is an 8 year old who has killed both of his parents. The shaman and the alpha did some investigating at city hall, the shaman makes friendly with the spirits of city hall and allows for the werewolf presence to be expressed within the hall. The shaman wastes time to appease the spirits, and the alpha goes to a computer to get the job done. The alpha than negotiates with both the girl and the spirit and eventually finds the information that he knows.

They spend some time in the park, the shaman scrounges for materials as they await the meeting time. When they get to the edge of the territory the alpha and the shaman both howl, and a young kid comes over to greet them. They get to corky’s and two of the street kings are in front turning away regular clientel. The peace talks began! They went well, the alpha managed to use diplomacy and once the initial stages were done, the shaman spoke with both the other packs, starting with the maniacs and finally got some information on what the left flank was. The shaman offered his services in the art of spirit branding to them and theirs, and told them to talk to Blake should she need it. The maniacs and the unstoppable flow were exchanging good information when at 7 o’clock the maniacs were scheduled to patrol, they left as one.

At which point the shaman went over to the street kings to make introductions and hopefully share information… until the street king himself and the Rahu discovered that, “Hey don’t we hate each other?” The answer was yes. They challenged each other… and the shaman declared that he could act as judge between the two disputing parties. They traveled to a park where the shaman prepared the circle for the fight, inscribing it with runes in the first tongue… and setting a clock as the base of the circle so that Death Clock would feed. ...and Bubba was taken down in the first swing, before he could even shift forms. Bubba conked out, and the street king went into a death rage. He than threw bubba out of the circle and his pack all jumped on him. Bubba recovered in the park, after the shaman poored alchohol all over him and the alpha dragged him to a bench to make him seem drunk, at which point the shaman went around and disperesed all of Bubba’s blood from the location so he wouldnt be tracked.

At which point Bubba regains consciousness and the pack travels back to the cemetary. While at the cemetary Bubba recovers and the alpha and shaman go to Timmy’s place… THE ALPHA THAN PLACES BUBBA ON TIME OUT. where a Sarah Brightman is yelling into a cell phone in her rental car. The alpha morphs to go and talk to her…and as he talks to her and she yells at him some, the shaman sneaks behind the car…moprhs…flattens her tire…morphs back…and goes back into hiding. When the alpha walks off he shifts back into wolf form and goes to hiding with the shaman. At which point she calls the sheriff and he comes out to fix the problem, when he gets there she slaps him and its apparent he has no interest in her and her case. She was also on the phone with someone else, and not the sheriff as she had originally claimed. The sheriff clearly indulged in some sloth and than went back about his business.

We than went to the house to investigate the small child and the killing that he did. The shaman was investigating outside and talking with both death clock and the spirit of the house, he learned what happened in the house. The shaman learned that the boy walked into the room and read from a sheet of paper at which point the parents were supernaturally paralyzed, and he killed them… the shaman and neither of the spirits could identify the supernatural power that was used by the boy.

Bubba was peeking in the window, and the alpha was going around the back. Bubba noticed a book, but the alpha started touching it. The book was in latin and more than clearly supernatura. The shaman read the spirit and noticed its ban, and informed the alpha. The alpha desided to read the book anyway, he spent 30 minutes and not resisting at all the supernatural influence of the spirit book that it was exerting over his brain. The shaman eventually slapped the book out of his hand… and it was placed in a book bag. The alpha searched the house and discovered a book in the childs book bag that was arcane, he found cocaine in the mothers shoe, three knives, and 70 bucks.

And than they ran off into the direction of the lake.

Staking a Claim
Session - 2, Death Rages - 2 (4)

We finished our discussions with the graveyard spirit, and we aquired ourselves a spirit totem with the name of ‘Death Clock.’ He is more of a sit back and watch and help from afar spirit, than a here I go let’s brawl type of spirit. The shaman at this point took blood from every member of the pack.

From the graveyard we moved on to the Airport to return the car and scout out the Fairgrounds. Our Leader freaked the hell out of the guy who we attempted to return the rented car to, and as he ran we plundered his security booth. (Aquired: Smartphone, Kindle) Lowell disabled the cameras and we returned the car.

We went into the Airport after making a connection with a man known as Fast Fingered Freddy, our local black market connection, so far as he is aware. We than moved into the terminal where we found the spirit of ‘lost hope’ the shaman offered chiminage while the Iron Master went to talk with the woman working behind the counter, the shaman negotiated safe passage for the pack across the gauntlet… and Lowell scared the lady so bad she fled the airport entirely.

The pack crossed over and spoke with the spirit, attempting to gain information on the apache fairground, striking a bargain with the spirit: if they delay an airplane for long enough and create an appropriate feeling of despair amongst the passengers, he will give the information we require. The pack then fled the airport, after disabling some cameras and stealing a schedule for the airports. The phone behind the counter was blinking, but Lowell chose to ignore it. We left the Airport, sniffed the outskirts of the Fairgrounds, and than ran to the Tennis Court.

At the courts, the alpha met with the new Blood Talon in town and after a brief discussion he agreed to take her on. Gary, as he was named, cut himself and the shaman took her blood, the shaman has now taken blood from every member of the pack. They than moved on to the school... from the school they snuck around the back, evading the janitor, and hopped a fence…whereupon they stopped to make a bunch of phone calls. The shaman noticed the two different spirit courts, in the gym those of athletic greatness and on the playground those of shame and ridicule. The alpha called thepro, and than the maniacs, and than finally the white mountain kings. Maniacs were mildly sarcastic, but the white mountain kings’s seemed more helpful even providing information that Sara Brightman the daughter of Timmy, the now dead grounds keeper is perhaps able into revenge. After that the Alpha called the Cleveland Street Kings, a short discussion later, we walked from the school to the gas station.

The shamanmanaged to procure water and a coffee container full of that which contains some liquid to kill plants. After that, they traveled to the farm house of farmer Uwell. At which point they attempted to speak with the spirits of the grain silo, and were repeatedly insulted as both werewolves and children of Luna. It should be noted the spirit was smack talking the Uratha and the mother Moon, the shaman declared they must be repaid in kind, but in smack talk and in general smacking. The alphadeclared an attack, the blood talon killed the messenger, and combat was engaged.

The first messenger was killed rather quickly, the second two at the top of the ramp began fire upon the alpha, the blood talon...attempted an improbable feat of acrobatics, and found himself removed from combat. Bubba ran around back and came in from the rear, and killed a spirit of an oak tree which was guarding the flank. The Storm Lord went into a Death Rage, and Lowell and the Child Shaman finished off the last blaster spirit. Upon noticing the giant spirit, Lowell jumped in, and the child shaman ran back to his pack. The shamantalked the Storm Lord out of his death rage, then collected his pack and ran back. Bubba finished off the oak and jumped right into the giant spirit in the silo. The child shaman began starting fires…again. Raining fire upon the spirit of greed and grain he discovered that he had chanced upon its Ban, at which point the shamanand the storm lord rained fire down upon him.

As the spirit of the Silo was dispatched, Lowell feasted upon its Corpus, indulging his Vice of Gluttony. Blake and Azriel set out to intercept Farmer Uwell, who was stirred by the sounds of combat and the fire in his precious silo. Bubba, misreading the intentions of the Alpha, ran away from the area, believing the engagement to be ended and discretion to be paramount. Azriel and Blake intercepted the farmer successfully, but Uwell was able to get off a blast with his shotgun, putting Blake into a rage of flight. Azriel successfully finished off the panicking farmer on his own shortly thereafter.

A search of the farm yielded both gasoline and explosives, enough to blow the dam and still have some left over. When searching the house, we discovered the deeds to the farm, and a permit to reroute the river, as well as a letter from his cousin telling him the city council have been paid off, and alluding to the illegal acts to get the paper work through. Massive fire was started all over the farm, the shaman covered the body in gasoline so that the wolf bites would be covered up. At the point the dam was blown, and the farm was burning, they ran to the copse of tree’s to watch the river spirit awaken…and as it opened it’s mouth to howl at its revival…

Guillermo likes cliff hangers.

Session - 1 , Death Rage's - 2

In the first session the werewolves found their tribes. They each had to go through an initiation which differed according to the tribe they were joining.

First was Blake who was initiated as a Stormlord, the test was to pass along a line of aggressive bikers, without saying a word. He continued to “walk the line” untill eventually a biker with a 2 by 4, knocked him out. Even as he fell he mentioned to keep from making a sound, upon awakening he found the Storm Lords pleased.

Next was Alex who was tasked to find a fetish that which would disable technology, he went about this by talking to the lowest ranking person on the lowest ranking ladder that he could find. He tried to intimidate him, it went well at first, than tried to convince the guy to do his bidding! Using…some more intimidation, the guy resisted and a fist (Claw and Teeth) fight was begun! It went well… until Lowell got his asked kicked…went into a Death Rage and ripped the guy up, untill the watchers stepped in and took him down. Upon Regaining consciousness he spoke with a guy in charge of the Blood Talons, and found the guy didn’t like cell phones. He than went back to the Iron Master tribal leader and declared the guy who hates cell phones must be the one! ...this turned out not to be the case.

He had it explained to him what a fetish was, and than went back to looking. He than started crap with some hackers, and eventually impressed them with his hacking skills, getting their leader to point out that the guy known was ‘Fucking_L@m3r’ was the one who was using the fetish to disable the computers of people kicking his ass. The leader used Lowell’s information to go into god mode in counter strike and slammed everyone down, laughing and than cursing at the cheater he gave Lowell the information he needed, at which point Lowell sucessfully completed his mission.

Buba and Azriel were both assigned similar tasks, to send a spirit back to the spirit realm. They both set of tracking the spirit, both making good headway, they quickly noticed that they were both following the same scent and ended up teaming up. Azriel was assigned to make the transfer peacefully and Buba just needed to get the job done. While Azriel approached the spirit from the front and used first tongue to speak with the spirit in a social manner, Buba snuck upon from the rear. A deal was struck that both the spirit and the two werewolves had agreed upon, to hunt down the fox that was hunting the mice, and alleviate the need for the spirit to manifest in this world. They quickly tracked and disposed of the fox, the spirit than upheld it’s end of the bargain, and they returned to their respected tribal leaders, having passed initiation.

During the interim Azriel and Lowell, once Lowell had healed, had items dedicated for them by one of the Bone Shadows. Buba had his items dedicated for him by one of the Hunter’s in Darkness. Azriel wandered the meeting for a while, and eventually they were all summoned before the Lunes and took the oath of moon, and their tribal oath. Upon finishing the oaths in which nobody got themselves killed, and after which they all met with the Ritual Master a man named Puffy.

The pack assigned by Puffy is to go to Saint John’s and help cover for the loss of those who died to the Idagim. In the city there is a tennis court and at their court the one named the Pro is the one with whom the pack is to check in with.

The seventh street slayers, based in or around seventh street. The meyer street maniacs are mostly holding them under control. The white mountain masters, and the cleveland street kings are the other two forskan. The cleveland street kings are either in control of the largest, or the shaman is mad at them. (One of the two)

Lowell used his tech skills to acquire transportation and the gang after all asking questions of the Bone Shadow’s was on its way…

The group than decided to take a road trip to get to it’s destination… with only 3 or so almost accidents along the way. They get into town, the greeting on the sign was average… The back of the sign was marked with graffiti in the first tongue marking the city as property of the Street Kings. On the other side of the gauntlet, was a watcher spirit that noticed each member of the party. The spirit sent the information ahead of the party and into town. After Lowell tried to make communication with a clerk at the local 7 11…the child had to step up and talk her into both not calling the cops on the strange man with no social skills…and into giving him directions to the tennis courts. The 7 11 had no supernatural presence but there was a spirit of ‘something’ in the back ground.

The alpha of the cleveland street kings if Daril Ament, and they believe they hold the town under their territory. There are two unclaimed loci, one at the school and one at the airport. The airport was built on an apache indian burial ground, and the school one is to far from anyone’s territory for them to take notice.

The pure wear red and blue, the white mountain masters wear green bandana’s, the meyer street maniac wore torn apart clothing, the street kings don’t have a formal outfit. The street slayers, the pure, are digging at night and are looking for what may or may not be an apache indian artifact.

The gang than went to an area outside of town, where a river spirit was slowly dying. It was in a state of hibernation, the pack on closer inspection saw that the river that was sustaining the river spirit was diverted to a farm. The river spirit and his copse of tree’s used to be a loci, but was a loci no longer. Upon inspection of the farm it was noticed that the farm spirits, corn and the desert spirits which used to be their were in a state of war. One of the grain solo’s was discovered to be a loci and there was a spirit of greed within. The pack chose to leave the farm... the shaman latter confirmed the farmer was not a supernatural entity simply someone who stirred up the spiritual turmoil without being aware.

The pack drove past the airport on the way to the graveyard and the apache fair grounds more so than the airport itself. They seemed to be big on vengence, and were waiting for a chance to pay back and reclaim that which should be theres.

Upon arriving at the graveyard, one other car was there and the shaman determined that some sort of supernatural entity drives the car. Upon peering across the gauntlet the shaman noticed a spirit of death was lingering at the gates, he found proper chiminage, burned a flower and asked for entrance, it admited the pack. Upon walking in the members of the pack besides the shaman noticed the graveyard was odd, there was a strange lack of emotions, the shaman having no emotions…failed to notice.

At the end of the path, they encountered the oldest grave and upon a monument in the physical realm, in the shadow realm there was a spirit of death and decay. The shaman split his bowel open and inflicted aggravated damage on himself to open the negotiations with the spirit. They agreed to deal with one who was cheating death, the groundskeeper.

Lowell and Azriel went down the private path, and Bubba cut through the cemetary. The groundskeeper, and his supernatural abilities detected the pack, and opened the fight with a shot at Bubba who was cutting through the cemetary. The first shot missed, and the pack charged in full speed! Bubba went down to sniper fire, chose to go into a Death Rage and ran. The Iron Master and the Bone Shadow broke into the house, discovered the mage hiding out in the basement. Took all the flamables in the house and stacked them infront of the basement door, they than proceeded to set fire to the house. The mage was trying to transfer his soul out of his body and into another through his evil magely means… but the Shaman negotiated with a spirit of destruction to ensure the mages death, and the Iron Master paid the spirits fee… the mage died in a fiery collapse of his house.

The two wolves than tracked down their fleeing death raging friend, found him walking back to the grave yard, and returned to the spirit in the grave yard…

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