Werewolves of WoD


Session - 1 , Death Rage's - 2

In the first session the werewolves found their tribes. They each had to go through an initiation which differed according to the tribe they were joining.

First was Blake who was initiated as a Stormlord, the test was to pass along a line of aggressive bikers, without saying a word. He continued to “walk the line” untill eventually a biker with a 2 by 4, knocked him out. Even as he fell he mentioned to keep from making a sound, upon awakening he found the Storm Lords pleased.

Next was Alex who was tasked to find a fetish that which would disable technology, he went about this by talking to the lowest ranking person on the lowest ranking ladder that he could find. He tried to intimidate him, it went well at first, than tried to convince the guy to do his bidding! Using…some more intimidation, the guy resisted and a fist (Claw and Teeth) fight was begun! It went well… until Lowell got his asked kicked…went into a Death Rage and ripped the guy up, untill the watchers stepped in and took him down. Upon Regaining consciousness he spoke with a guy in charge of the Blood Talons, and found the guy didn’t like cell phones. He than went back to the Iron Master tribal leader and declared the guy who hates cell phones must be the one! ...this turned out not to be the case.

He had it explained to him what a fetish was, and than went back to looking. He than started crap with some hackers, and eventually impressed them with his hacking skills, getting their leader to point out that the guy known was ‘Fucking_L@m3r’ was the one who was using the fetish to disable the computers of people kicking his ass. The leader used Lowell’s information to go into god mode in counter strike and slammed everyone down, laughing and than cursing at the cheater he gave Lowell the information he needed, at which point Lowell sucessfully completed his mission.

Buba and Azriel were both assigned similar tasks, to send a spirit back to the spirit realm. They both set of tracking the spirit, both making good headway, they quickly noticed that they were both following the same scent and ended up teaming up. Azriel was assigned to make the transfer peacefully and Buba just needed to get the job done. While Azriel approached the spirit from the front and used first tongue to speak with the spirit in a social manner, Buba snuck upon from the rear. A deal was struck that both the spirit and the two werewolves had agreed upon, to hunt down the fox that was hunting the mice, and alleviate the need for the spirit to manifest in this world. They quickly tracked and disposed of the fox, the spirit than upheld it’s end of the bargain, and they returned to their respected tribal leaders, having passed initiation.

During the interim Azriel and Lowell, once Lowell had healed, had items dedicated for them by one of the Bone Shadows. Buba had his items dedicated for him by one of the Hunter’s in Darkness. Azriel wandered the meeting for a while, and eventually they were all summoned before the Lunes and took the oath of moon, and their tribal oath. Upon finishing the oaths in which nobody got themselves killed, and after which they all met with the Ritual Master a man named Puffy.

The pack assigned by Puffy is to go to Saint John’s and help cover for the loss of those who died to the Idagim. In the city there is a tennis court and at their court the one named the Pro is the one with whom the pack is to check in with.

The seventh street slayers, based in or around seventh street. The meyer street maniacs are mostly holding them under control. The white mountain masters, and the cleveland street kings are the other two forskan. The cleveland street kings are either in control of the largest, or the shaman is mad at them. (One of the two)

Lowell used his tech skills to acquire transportation and the gang after all asking questions of the Bone Shadow’s was on its way…

The group than decided to take a road trip to get to it’s destination… with only 3 or so almost accidents along the way. They get into town, the greeting on the sign was average… The back of the sign was marked with graffiti in the first tongue marking the city as property of the Street Kings. On the other side of the gauntlet, was a watcher spirit that noticed each member of the party. The spirit sent the information ahead of the party and into town. After Lowell tried to make communication with a clerk at the local 7 11…the child had to step up and talk her into both not calling the cops on the strange man with no social skills…and into giving him directions to the tennis courts. The 7 11 had no supernatural presence but there was a spirit of ‘something’ in the back ground.

The alpha of the cleveland street kings if Daril Ament, and they believe they hold the town under their territory. There are two unclaimed loci, one at the school and one at the airport. The airport was built on an apache indian burial ground, and the school one is to far from anyone’s territory for them to take notice.

The pure wear red and blue, the white mountain masters wear green bandana’s, the meyer street maniac wore torn apart clothing, the street kings don’t have a formal outfit. The street slayers, the pure, are digging at night and are looking for what may or may not be an apache indian artifact.

The gang than went to an area outside of town, where a river spirit was slowly dying. It was in a state of hibernation, the pack on closer inspection saw that the river that was sustaining the river spirit was diverted to a farm. The river spirit and his copse of tree’s used to be a loci, but was a loci no longer. Upon inspection of the farm it was noticed that the farm spirits, corn and the desert spirits which used to be their were in a state of war. One of the grain solo’s was discovered to be a loci and there was a spirit of greed within. The pack chose to leave the farm... the shaman latter confirmed the farmer was not a supernatural entity simply someone who stirred up the spiritual turmoil without being aware.

The pack drove past the airport on the way to the graveyard and the apache fair grounds more so than the airport itself. They seemed to be big on vengence, and were waiting for a chance to pay back and reclaim that which should be theres.

Upon arriving at the graveyard, one other car was there and the shaman determined that some sort of supernatural entity drives the car. Upon peering across the gauntlet the shaman noticed a spirit of death was lingering at the gates, he found proper chiminage, burned a flower and asked for entrance, it admited the pack. Upon walking in the members of the pack besides the shaman noticed the graveyard was odd, there was a strange lack of emotions, the shaman having no emotions…failed to notice.

At the end of the path, they encountered the oldest grave and upon a monument in the physical realm, in the shadow realm there was a spirit of death and decay. The shaman split his bowel open and inflicted aggravated damage on himself to open the negotiations with the spirit. They agreed to deal with one who was cheating death, the groundskeeper.

Lowell and Azriel went down the private path, and Bubba cut through the cemetary. The groundskeeper, and his supernatural abilities detected the pack, and opened the fight with a shot at Bubba who was cutting through the cemetary. The first shot missed, and the pack charged in full speed! Bubba went down to sniper fire, chose to go into a Death Rage and ran. The Iron Master and the Bone Shadow broke into the house, discovered the mage hiding out in the basement. Took all the flamables in the house and stacked them infront of the basement door, they than proceeded to set fire to the house. The mage was trying to transfer his soul out of his body and into another through his evil magely means… but the Shaman negotiated with a spirit of destruction to ensure the mages death, and the Iron Master paid the spirits fee… the mage died in a fiery collapse of his house.

The two wolves than tracked down their fleeing death raging friend, found him walking back to the grave yard, and returned to the spirit in the grave yard…



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