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Session – 4, Death Rage – 4 (8)

Session – 4, Death Rage – 4 (8)

The session started with a missed text message from Puffy, and a phone call from the tennis courts. It was the Cleveland street kings and they claimed to have captured some of the lost pack… Upon arriving on the scene of the tennis courts the Cleveland street kings are in full party mode. The alphas hold a small discourse and than the shaman discusses with the Ament the call of drugs, the shaman than takes some of the drugs which were offered freely.

The alpha than takes the werewolves and offers them positions within the pack, they get cut by the alpha and the shaman takes their blood. At which point they return to the river territory and while patrolling the shaman fills them in on the things they can and can not do, and than the alpha fills them in on the history of the pack of the unstopable flow. As they reach the end of the rivers towards the lake they happen across a homeless man, the shaman is watching on the other side of the gauntlet and notices that the man is covered in spirit’s and is highly urged, and near to full on being ridden.

The fight begins and the wolves quickly tear through the body, the body takes far longer to die than it should, and across the gauntlet the large spirit begins to eat at the smaller ones who he was forcing to ride the body. The new blood talon delivers the finishing blow, and the shaman determines that the spirit has not learned his lesson, finds the closest loci which is in the myer street maniacs territory, and the alpha declares that the pack should go back to their own loci rather than deal with the maniacs. The shaman runs off and the others follow, the alpha leaves two behind on this side of the gauntlet to track the spirit.

The pack crosses to the other side of the gauntlet and the shaman begins to track the spirit, he takes them to the edge of the maniacs where they socialize with the spirit and he tells the pack that the spirit headed dead east. The pack heads dead east, and comes upon the lake, they find that the lake is in fact a wound. The shaman advises the pack, to run like hell and than ward humans off on the other side. The alpha agree’s and the pack returns to it’s loci at that point the pack is going to the lake to ward it from humans and the shaman points out he needs to do a rite. The shaman meditates as they run off, and than goes to collect the body, at which point he wraps it in the tent and drags it back to the cemetary.

The rest of the pack arrives at the lake with the pack doing look out on both sides of the gauntlet as the alpha begins to ward the lake. Tania the new blood talon keeps careful eye of the spirit world and notices the larger spirit’s within the wound, as he continues to ward the area a thing that looks like a toxic godzilla rises out of the lake and begins to crush its way to the shore. As it makes its way to shore, Bamf, Bubba and Amira start to run like hell… the alpha is made aware and demands they stand firm on the edge of their territory! Instead of running away and letting this dino takes their territory. Godzilla eventually throws a toxic snot ball across the gauntlet and towards Lowell, it lands on this sign of the gauntlet and begins to grow! The alpha declares it is open season, kill it! And they engage… as he sizes it up. Bamf throws a punch…and it is absorbed into the snot monster, as it takes on a human form and begins to attempt to communicate.

The spirit tells them to piss off, and Lowell tells it why don’t you come over here! It opens a massive portal and steps across, at which point it crosses over and says the deal is concluded… Lowell thinks about it, and agrees. While godzilla is walking back towards the lake he mumbles under his breath in loud tones, something about the spawn of Luna. The alpha than starts talking counter smack, Bamf, Bubba and Amira run like all sorts of hell and Blake, Lowell and Tania stand up to the invader of the territory and the nae sayer of the children of Luna! … Blake goes into death rage, than beets Lowell into a death rage, than Blake is talked down from his death rage, and Godzilla re invokes death rage. And…the pack goes all sorts of crazy. And than Bubba comes back! To moon godzilla…and run away for the third time. The two going into fox flight flee towards the white mountain pack and the maniacs, they get talked down…and go down. Than Bubba and Bamf have a staring contest and Bamf wins, Bubba backs down and they drag the alpha to the river…The alpha’s phone rang and than Bubba took the phone call, spoke briefly to the maniacs about the massive ass whupping the pack took, but also said he couldnt give any information…

The pack retreated to the river and than went to the grave yard to reconoiter with the shaman…
the shaman had spent his time dragging off the body to hide it from the humans…and offering it to the spirit of the grave yard, the shaman than performed the rite of the spirit brand on himself, twice. He summoned a lune and recounted unto it the adventures he had undergone, of the glory first that he summons another lune to tell it of his cunning. The lunes both agree and brand him with their marks, conferring to him their exceptional approval, and giving him gifts to go along with his new rank.

The shaman finishes his rites and the burial and than the pack shows up, with parts of it missing, limbs and such, not members. The pack than goes about its normal shinanigans, the alpha smacks Lowell around and Lowell goes into death rage… as he death rages one of the spirit’s of death smacks him down and Lowell starts to go under, he reverts to human form and goes out. The shaman drags him back to the large death spirit and offers forgiveness in his name… and he than drags his unconscious ass out of the graveyard where the pack huddles around him and the shaman goes back in to socialize and try to make things better. He rolls exceptional the spirit brands still shining brightly upon him he manages to soothe some things over.

Lowell and Bubba walk off, and the rest of the pack than confer on what to do next. Bubba desides that he should build a den! As wolves build den’s and Lowell should be safe in a den… the shaman points out he has a tent, the one he buried the hobo in. Bubba goes to the local gas station and buy’s some supplies for Lowell, by the time Bubba get’s back the rest of the pack is there and a TENT is in place, sort of… it’s a bit ragged all around the edges.

At this point they are waiting for the river spirit come dawn when the alpha and the shaman pull out the book again. The alpha begins to use the book until he takes some involintary actions trying to have the shaman read the book as well. The shaman resists the urge, though he has been resisting the urge to peek into the book for as long as it has been used.

Gary tried to cross over and read the book from the other side, but failed. Amira crossed over and started to read the book from the other side. At which point She begins to get utterly mind fucked in massive ways on the spirit side of things, her brain begins to get re written. The pack manages to get her away from the book after she takes three massive doses of brain fucking. She gets dragged across the gauntlet where they begin to look into what she learned and what she did. She than unleashes an ancient tongue that predates even the first tongue, and six out of the eight werewolves present suffer a derangement from it alone. The spirits in the area besides death clock and the river are drained dry of essense and or simply disapear.

A lot of pvp action goes on, as the shaman and the alpha begin to see her as to dangerous to be allowed to roam free, whereas the warriors argue that no no the psycho werewolf with the power to manipulate the universe with words and whims alone should just be left alone for awhile… after slipping away and threatening to unleash her fury upon the pack, and trying to run away from the pack, she was retained. The alpha got in touch with the maniacs, who gave him Puffies number and information on the godzilla monster that had been unleashed. The alpha called puffy and eventually even spoke with him, and than put the shaman on the line. The shaman than told puffy of the situation, the pure, the godzilla and the tongue in which Amira had been using. Puffy pointed out the tongue could be fixed….by massive amounts of drugs. The pure have been looking for the bane for 120 years and would look longer, and nobody cares if they find it, as it will kill them. And godzilla has a massive ban that he could only come over if invited to do so… so he shouldnt be a problem.
…the alpha had invited godzilla over, and godzilla is slowly advancing up the river way. Dun dun dun

…and Amira is now a crack head.



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