Werewolves of WoD

Session – 6, Death Rages 2 (11)

Session – 6, Death Rages 2 (11)

Session – 6, Death Rages 2 (11)

Session starts with Bubba waking up and than heading to the air port, she gets cut off by the national guard, things go south and he flee’s at riffle point but not at the point of aggression. The iron master gets confused, wanders around, and than goes hunting rabbit for an hour and a half. The shaman and the alpha hold a mini war council and head to the white mountain master’s territory. They go into the conviencance store so the alpha can buy some booze, the alpha sets off ZOMGS TERRORIST bells in the clerks head, and she pulls a shot gun. He goes war form, freaks her out, shrugs off some shells and than leaves. The shaman went around back and popped the power, or tried to, the alpha managed to knock it out, and they ran on to the white mountain master’s territory.

The white mountain masters saw nothing to gain and everything to lose so didnt want to form an alliance against the cleveland street kings. Neither the white mountain masters nor the maniacs want to engage in a war where they can’t gain the territory for no reason.

The iron master goes to eat some food, the hunter harasses godzilla and than runs towards the town. People run around the town for a bit, and gather bits and bobble, alex gets some cell phones and a laptop…

War council over the alpha and the shaman make, ahem, ask the iron master to read from the book to learn how to fly a plane. Bubba runs off to act as a distraction to pull the guards away from the air port, while the rest of the pack prepares to sneak off towards the plane. Bubba gets shot to shit after shooting three down, the other werewolves cast darkness over the area and run for the plane. They induce lunacy in the army but than get shot to shit anyway. At which point eventually the only person who can pilot the ship death rages, and begins to flee so the other two flee as well.

They regroup at the river and cross over into the shadow realm. The hunter in darkness says he needs to get weapons and the shaman points out he can call a merchant, they dont need to go to the human world and make strange deals. A merchant of death is summoned and they strike a bargain for a g3, the hunter in darkness is happy. The hunter in darkness gets healed for 1 point of aggravated for all his essense. The army shows up…they talk some and than run to the air port…get chased off…and than run back to the river…than south to taunt godzilla. At which point they taunt godzilla until the hunter in darkness shoots the messenger. Combat begins, and than the hunter goes down in a shot…death rages…runs for 10 minutes and dies.

The pack goes and buries the body in the grave yard, and the iron master walks off…towards the north… into the sunset.

2 death rages…
2 pack members gone…
2 pack members left…
12 enemies…to go…2 missions to accomplish…and no real reason to do much of anything…



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