Werewolves of WoD

Session - 5, Death Rage 1(9)

Session – 5, Death Rages 1 (9)

The pack goes to the aiport, fails to plan for awhile and the shaman goes outside while they continue to talk about which member will be stabbed or shot and pretend to be autistic. The shaman summons a spirit of a gremal… who disables the power to the airport. The shaman than goes back into the airport while the pack is still argueing about what to do. The pack takes turn flirting and failing with the secretary, and having shotguns pulled out at them from the convience store worker. The alpha than inpires the clerk into filling him full of lead… and than Bubba comes over and shouts ZOMGS HE’S BEEN SHOT…the alpha tries to call the police…and Bubba… wanders off, than came back and wandered off again after the alpha.

The iron master and the shaman cross over at Emily’s loci and speak with her about negotiating with the matinence man, they reach a sucessful negotiation in which the iron master will give the maintence man 10 batteries within the lunar cycle. The alpha death rages and kills the employee at the convience store, who is special agent johnson of the F.B.I., and than runs away. Bubba than follows him along and they revert to non death rage outside of town, and they start following along the to get to the river.

The shaman watches the man die, and him and death clock feed off the death. At which point they spy from the shadow realm on the police and the FBI. They go to the runway and hunt down a rabbit, the shaman finds a rabbit and summons the fox to deliver a message to the cleveland street kings. He and the iron master than runs back to the river to meet up with the pack and the the loci. Bubba and the pack master also make their way back to the river, after the alpha recieves many phone calls from all the werewolf sources in town. They get back to the river and formulate a plan… the shaman will go try and talk with godzilla and the rest of the pack will go to the airport. The rest of the pack ends up being the alpha alone as the iron master determines the most important thing is to go to a radio shack and find a laptop. He goes to the radio shack and gets kicked out, not the most social of predators. He gets kicked out of radio shack and than walks 20 miles to the nearest town… which has 4 farm and a gas station, and nobody to sell him a laptop. He than…uses his smart phone to identify the closest town and determines… they don’t have laptops either…so he walks back.

The alpha gets to the airport and negotiates with the law and order spirit’s the FBI and police brought in, he gets permission for the pack to be observer’s in the war on terror the law and order guys are doing. The problem with this is that Emily and her gang are getting the crap kicked out of them, and the alpha goes in to get his info. He makes a poorly situated deal with Emily and gets shafted a bit on the info, he refuses to offer her aid as she refuses to offer him payment. He watch’s as they billy club her and take her and her choir into custody, she is already fading into death as they escort her out. The shaman gets in good with the captain and gets a shiny tin badge, so does the alpha.

The alpha and the shaman go and summon a gremal, to see if it can disable the plane. He points out he can’t fly and he needs more info on the plane. The alpha goes to get more info and the shaman goes and talks to all the random bits and bobbles around the airport, does some spying, and doesnt find anyone who will directly be able to, or want to deal with the plane. There is some more shinanigans and eventually they all show up at the airport. They go to the fair grounds on the shadow side and see some of the interesting sites, though it is a barren. The shaman identified something behind the hot dog stand but only on the physical side of the gauntlet. At that point the shaman pointed out now or never on the airplane, and…they went back and watched it land. Than talked about it some more.

The shaman than went around town, talked to the river, the graveyard, each and every pack within town with the exception of the pure… while the alpha and the iron master watched the plane. He made some alliances, found out some info, and got the general gist of everyone elses thoughts and feelings on the matter. Got the maniacs to deal with godzilla, got a landing strip to land a plane for the cleveland street kings, and found out they had a police who pretty much worked for the cleveland street king. The shaman than found out that possesion spirits hang out at raves, and from the white mountain masters there is a rave at the university at 1 oclock, and the spirits should be there. Permission from the cleveland street kings was given to be on their turf while the pack was working to get the crack. The alpha than sent the shaman into the police station, a meeting was arranged, info was exchanged, and than we broke for the night.



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