Farmer Uwell

(DEAD) Farmer in Southern St. Johns


(DEAD) At this point we know very little of the farmer himself outside of the fact he was not detected as being supernatural in origin or type.

...his farm on the other hand screams supernatural. There is a war going on between the spirit’s of the desert and the spirit’s of the newely irrigated farm… When he deverted the flow of the river to his farm he caused the local river spirit to slowly starve into hibernation. At which point the spirits of the farm grew… one of the silo’s on the farm is a loci in which a spirit of greed was sensed but not seen. The corn spirit’s on the farm and the desert dervish spirit’s are currently at war and the farm due to both the loci and the river currently have the upper hand.


...Killed by some punk K.I.D.S.

Farmer Uwell

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