Liam Rex

Head of the University


He’s like, cool and stuff.



Liam Rex was a professional lawyer. He was a former clerk to the Supreme Court, and was widely considered to be one of the next up-and-coming legal minds of his lifetime. Unfortunately, at the peak of his career, he was diagnosed with cancer. Leaving the legal field behind, he retired to his hometown of St. Johns, where he took up teaching and waited for the end. Students in his classes found him to be supremely intelligent, but somewhat bitter about the way his life was going to end. He took a sabbatical, at around the time the doctors told him his time was up, traveling the world ‘one last time’. When he returned, his cancer had gone into remission. Though doctors hailed it as a medical miracle, he seemed to be more subdued than his previous self, and his students have noticed that some ‘spark’ of his genius was missing, and his legal abilities seemed blunted. Most attribute it to his near-death experience, and look forward to the day when his brilliance will return, with some even expecting him to return to his legal career. He doesn’t seem to be in much of a hurry, though, and who could blame him? He has a new lease on life…

Liam Rex

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