Spirit of Death ( And Decay)


The spirit that lives in the graveyard, his territory is the graveyard of the town. One of his spirit minions, a death like figure, guards the gates of the cemetary. He seems to eat the emotions within the cemetary, those who still have emotions find that they are stiffled some while they walk within the graveyards walls.

He spoke with the werewolf pack, to see if his goals and their goals could mesh. He assigned them a task of killing a man who was cheating death… In the end death always gets his due.

The pack was sucessfull in the slaying of a mage who was displacing his soul into the bodies of others to prolong his life supernaturally…they had just returned to the spirit and were still talking with him. He was displeased that Bubba had gone into a death rage, but still pleased that they had completed their mission.

Not many specific pieces of information are known about the spirit. The child shaman may know more than he is saying.


Spirit of Death ( And Decay)

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