Key Concepts of Werewolf

The Cosmological Purpose Of Werewolves


What do werewolves DO, anyway?

The world is not as simple as it seems. It is actually divided into two worlds: the Physical World and the Spirit World. The Physical World is populated by humans and other entities. The Spirit World is populated by Spirits (which are NOT GHOSTS). Occasionally, Spirits try to gain undue influence in the Physical World, and humans try to gain undue influence in the Spirit World. This is not the way things are meant to be, and the ‘regulator’ of this, who keeps all in balance and order, is the Werewolf.

Werewolves form Packs. Packs claim territory. The Pack is then responsible for patrolling that area, and regulating all spirit/human interaction therein. This is not the same as “killzorz all spirits”. Spirits that are behaving correctly, with proper deference to their place in the order of things, are not the target of the werewolf. Spirits that are disrupting things, damaging the natural order, or infesting mankind inappropriately are. Humans are generally to be protected. Humans engaging in arcane rituals that are damaging the balance of the spirit world are to be stopped. Other supernatural beings, like Vampires, are to be judged on the merits of their actions. Essentially, a werewolf is a forest ranger, and his territory is his jurisdiction.

How Do Werewolves Get Things Done?

Werewolves have many tools at their disposal. Gifts are provided by spirits, friendly or otherwise. Rites can be learned from other werewolves, and provide a variety of powerful abilities. Further, werewolves have natural regenerative capabilities; it can be difficult to ensure that a werewolf is actually down for the count.

What are Werewolves made up of?

Werewolves, from a mechanical standpoint, are a combination of Auspice and Tribe. These combine to inform the character’s outlook on the world.

Key Concepts of Werewolf

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