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Key Concepts of Werewolf

Some Quick Definitions

  • Death Rage = BAD
  • Territory = OURS
  • Loci = GOOD, but not worth dying over…yet.
  • Totem Spirit = We can has?
  • Hisil = Spirit World
  • Uratha = Werewolves
  • Chiminage = Offerings to spirits, in goods or deeds to get on their good side.
  • Gauntlet = A barrier which keeps the spirit world and the physical world seperate.
  • Auspices = What moon you first changed under, sets a role for that werewolf in society.
  • Idigam – Spirits banished from the wilds to the dark side of the moon, some of their prison sentences were cut short… when astronauts landed on the moon.
  • First Tongue – The language of the spirit world, has remained mostly unchanged from the start, available to werewolves.
  • Touchstone – An object infused with power from being at the center of a locus for long enough.


  1. Blood Talons
  2. Bone Shadows
  3. Hunters in Darkness
  4. Iron Masters
  5. Storm Lords
  6. Ghost Wolves
  • Father Wolf = Father of all werewolves, general bad ass, was the original enforcer of the gauntlet, keeping all things on their respective sides. When the werewolves saw that he was weakening, they did the only thing they could think to do, they brought him down to take his place. Incurring the curse of the moon, their mother, and father wolf’s lover…and causing them to be Forsaken…
  • Luna = The mother of the werewolves, originator of their curse, and enforcer of the oath of the moon. Shifts in phases, so does her favor and her attentions. Normally cold and distant…like the moon. Both the moon and the sun are attentive to what happens beneath their gaze…they simply don’t always act and if they do their actions are not always noticed.
  • Helios – The sun lord Helios, spirit of the sun, brother of Luna, more stable than Luna…He is technically the uncle of the werewolf race. Most of the werewolves tend to hunt at night, so his tends to be a strange face to the Uratha. He grants rare favors to werewolves when they do his bidding.
  • Lunes = Spirits of the moon…generally a good idea to listen to them.
  • Gaffling = Low ranking spirit, a grunt.
  • Jaggling = A step up from Gafflings! foot soldiers
  • Incarnae= A large step up from Jagglings and Gafflings, at this point they are gods…
  • Celestines = Don’t worry you’ll never see one, if you do it’ll blow your mind. This is planet sized spirits, Luna falls under this category
  • Oath of the Moon – An oath all Forsaken have sworn to follow, breaking this is very bad juju.
  • Harmony = The morality rating of werewolves, Wisdom for mages…humanity for vampires…HARMONY for werewolves. page 181 for a chart of the do’s and dont’s

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