Oath of the Moon

The Oath of the Moon is a series of vows to which all Werewolves (except for certain degenerate Ghost Wolves) solemnly swear to uphold. These are:

The Wolf Must Hunt

Urum da Takus

This refers to the sacred duty of the werewolves to hunt their sacred prey – Spirits in the physical realm, Hosts, other threats, etc. This oath reaffirms the duty of the werewolf to handle such things through direct means. It does not say “The Wolf Must File Suit” or “The Wolf Must Hold A Summit”, for example.

The People Do Not Murder the People

Imru Nu Fir Imru

This refers to the fact that werewolves are not to murder other werewolves. There is some ambiguity in the word ‘murder’, though. Some believe it applies to the Pure, some don’t. Some believe it applies to Wolf-Blooded, some don’t. Almost everyone believes, though, that to kill a werewolf after he is clearly beaten is a violation, as is to ambush and murder by surprise and secret. Due to the violent lives werewolves lead, this is probably the part of the Oath most commonly violated.

The Low Honor the High; the High Respect the Low

Sih Sehe Mak; Mak Ne Sih

Werewolf society is not a democracy. Younger werewolves are expected to defer to older werewolves in matters of judgement. Similarly, the older werewolves are expected to respect the younger werewolves’ rights; especially in regards to freedom of action and freedom of decision.

Respect Your Prey

Ni Daha

Werewolves swear to be appropriately respectful of the rights of the Spirits and Humans that they claim enforcement rights on. This respect does not prevent them from carrying out their duties, but enjoins them to carry out their duties in a manner befitting the respect deserved by their targets. For example, scaring a human away rather than killing him needlessly reflects a respectful attitude.

The Uratha Shall Cleave to the Human

Uratha Safal Thil Lu’u

Werewolves shall not mate with other werewolves. This is largely because the offspring of two werewolves is typically an evil spirit. Werewolves are only permitted to mate with Humans.

Do Not Eat the Flesh of Man or Wolf

Nu Hu Uzu Eren

When werewolves consume the flesh of other wolves or of humans, they regain essence at a rapid rate, but at a terrible cost to their soul. Such wolves quickly lose perspective on morality, and become a danger to everyone. To avoid this result, modern werewolves swear to not eat man or wolf (or the combination).

The Herd Must not Know

Nu Bath Githul

Though werewolves tend to deride and belittle humans as weak, the fact remains that Humans, and Humans alone, are the undisputed masters of the modern world. None can stand against the concerted wrath of an alerted and angered Mankind, be they werewolf or some other form of monster in the night. The only thing that allows werewolves to continue with their appointed tasks is that Mankind does NOT know.

Oath of the Moon

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