Spirits come in a variety of ranks:

Spirit Ranks
Rank Title
1 Lesser Gafflings
2 Greater Gafflings
3 Lesser Jagglings
4 Greater Jagglings
5 Minor Gods/Incarnae
6 Lesser Gods/Incarnae
7 Greater Gods/Icarnae
8 Lesser Celestines (Luna, Helios)
9 Greater Celestines (Gaea)
10 Beyond Comprehension (???)

The higher ranking the spirit is, the more powerful it is. The strongest Werewolf, on his best day, with his packmates, is probably almost good enough to take on a rank 5 spirit. Anything above 5 is rare… and excessively powerful.

Spirit Bans

All spirits have bans. These bans are basically a specific weakness that a given spirit carries. The higher the rank of a spirit, the more specific and obscure its ban is; however, the bans of higher ranking spirits are capable of drastically weakening them, whereas the bans of lower spirits are less potent. Bans can frequently allow for alternatives to combat; most of the ways to free a human of a possessing spirit are bloody; bringing it in contact with its ban will most likely enable a death-free exorcism.

Spirit Lifecycle

All spirits are reflections of objects in the Physical World. Building a new car in Detroit, for example, will create a new car-spirit (albeit of a very low rank). Spirits must spend 1 Essence per day just to survive. Being in close proximity to their reflection gains them 1 point of Essence per day; thus, most spirits survive for about as long as their physical reflection does. For example, a spirit of rain may last only as long as the storm system that spawned it; once the weather clears, the spirit will find itself starved of essence and disperse. Most spirits, then, seek to gain additional Essence. This Essence-seeking drive tends to dictate most of the actions of most spirits. Spirits can gain Essence in the following ways:

  1. The Spirit may draw Essence from the physical world.
    1. This Essence is ‘flavored’ by the event or item in the real world that the Spirit is feeding on.
  2. The Spirit may draw power from a locus.
    1. This Essence is ‘flavored’ by the resonance of the Loci.
  3. The Spirit may strike a deal with another entity, gaining Essence as payment.
    1. This Essence is ‘flavored’ by the resonance of the paying party.
  4. The Spirit may attack another spirit and try to feed on it.
    1. This Essence is ‘flavored’ by the victim spirit’s Resonance.

Note that most of its Essence acquisition methods involve the Essence being ‘flavored’. As a spirit consumes Essence, its own nature is drawn towards that of the Essence it drains. Therefore, most spirits make an attempt to feed on spirits similar to themselves; a bird spirit would prefer to gain essence from other bird spirits over essence from, say, a rat spirit. If a bird spirit were to gain half its essence from other bird spirits, and half of its essence from rat spirits, it would slowly grow into a more general ‘small animal’ spirit. As spirits gain Essence, they eventually gain rank.

Spirit Choirs

Spirits organize themselves into rough classifications by type, known to Werewolves as ‘Choirs’. All the spirits of Nature in a given area will tend to organize together, with the highest ranking ones demanding loyalty from the lower ones, in exchange for giving them opportunities to gain Essence. The Choir will all often try to work together to influence the Physical World so as to cause it to produce more Essence in their desired flavor. Thus, a Choir of Nature may spend a great deal of time trying to encourage plant growth and urban decay. This may even bring it into conflict with a nearby Choir of Vehicles, which is seeking to endlessly expand the highways in the area by influencing the minds of construction workers. In such things are spirit wars begun.

Spirit Influences

Spirits can influence the Physical World in an attempt to make it more likely to produce their type of Essence.

Rank Title Description Example
1 Strengthen The spirit can strengthen something within its influence. A car-spirit can enhance a car’s performance, or a plant-spirit could enhance a sapling’s growth.
2 Manipulate The spirit can make minor changes within its influence. A car-spirit can make minor changes to speed and direction of the vehicle, or a plant-spirit could make a plant stop growing.
3 Control The spirit can make dramatic changes within its influence. A car-spirit could entirely take over a car’s operation, or a plant-spirit could twist a plant’s roots out to grab someone.
4 Create The spirit can create a new instance of an item in its influence. A car-spirit could create a new car, or a plant-spirit could spawn a new tree.
5 Mass Create The spirit can create many instances of an item in its influence. A car-spirit could spawn a series of new cars, or a plant-spirit could spawn an entire forest.


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