Werewolves who tend to have a common cause tend to organize themselves into tribes. Tribes all share a patron spirit wolf, and a tribal totem. There are 5 Tribes and one Non-Tribe available to Forsaken werewolves. EACH TRIBE swears an additional oath, not just the Oath of the Moon.

Blood Talons

Oath Offer No Surrender you would not accept.
Totem Fenris, the Destroyer Wolf
Primary Renown Glory

The Blood Talons believe in a Warrior philosophy. This is not a berserker philosophy, but more of a Zen view of combat. They strive to perfect themselves in martial matters, testing themselves in battle against the greatest foes they can find.

Bone Shadows

Oath Pay Each Spirit in Kind
Totem Kanduis, the Death Wolf
Primary Renown Wisdom

The Bone Shadows believe that the Spirit world contains vast untapped knowledge, knowledge which, uncovered and properly applied, can bring great strides in the werewolves’ eternal quest. They believe that spirits, especially higher-ranking and older ones, are the appointed custodians of this knowledge. They are the gatekeepers, and they are guarding all the doors. Sooner or later, someone is going to have to face them, and extract their hidden lore. All Bone Shadows work towards that ideal.

Hunters in Darkness

Oath Let No Sacred Place in Your Territory be Violated
Totem Hikoan, the Black Wolf
Primary Renown Purity

The Hunters in the Darkness believe that the Shadow, and its corresponding locations in the Physical world, contain places of grave importance. These places must be protected, lest they grow contaminated or are perverted to tainted purposes. However, wholesale slaughter of everyone who wanders in that direction will call extra unwanted attention to the very thing that is being protected. So the Hunters in the Darkness value subtlety and stealth. They believe in remaining unobserved and undetected until the last possible second.

Iron Masters

Oath Honor Your Territory in All Things
Totem Sagrim, the Red Wolf
Primary Renown Cunning

The Iron Masters believe that Humanity has potential. They note that Man, and Man alone amongst all the beings on Earth, has adapted and grown by leaps and bounds over the course of time. Man, despite being less physically imposing than many animals, and being less supernaturally powerful than most other intelligences, dominates the planet. Nothing happens in the civilized world that Man does not desire, save that which Man does not notice. Man has developed sophisticated weaponry to supplant his physical weakness, and powerful electronics to compensate for his supernatural blindness. The Iron Masters believe that these developments can, and must, be adapted to the goals of the werewolves.

Storm Lords

Oath Allow No One to Witness or Tend to Your Weakness
Totem Skolis, the Winter Wolf
Primary Renown Honor

The Storm Lords believe that leadership is a burden. They believe that those who have the strength to lead, have an obligation to do so. They also believe that they, and they alone, have the necessary strength. They believe that they must be strong, and that they must never yield, and that they must never show weakness, lest that weakness sap the moral heart out of their pack’s courage.

Ghost Wolves

Oath None
Totem None
Primary Renown None

The Ghost Wolves are not a tribe. Rather, this is a catchall term for all werewolves who have experienced their first change, and rejected werewolf society for some reason. Some of them have taken the Oath of the Moon, and some have not. Some have joined a tribe, and then subsequently left it for some (usually traumatic) reason. Many Ghost Wolves try to cling to their human lives, refusing to allow this change to impact them. Some small few accept the full consequences of werewolf life, and carve out a tiny territory for themselves, rejecting not their appointed tasks, but merely the company of their fellows. At the end of the day, no generalizations can be made about Ghost Wolves; each one is completely different.


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