Werewolves of WoD

Pack of the Unstoppable Flow

Session - 3, Death Rages - 0 (4)

Made negotiations with the river spirit, took on the river itself as a territory. The negotiations started with the child shaman and the alpha stepped in to conclude the deal. After the spirit agreed to take them on, allowing it to feed until back to full strenght. They than agreed on the spirit providing information on the apache’s providing the shaman could negotiation the spirit into it. In the end for clearing up a clog in the river the spirit would share the information. When they arrived at the clog, the shaman took a piece of the bark and applied burial services to it and the spirit that which had inhabited the tree while it was alive, their was a strange cold sensation that nobody could place. The alpha than moved and smushed the tree after he pulled it from the river.

The apache heard of the white devil, and knew they couldnt confront him with their knives… they attempted to bind the spirits of their ancestors, but got something far more foul. They succeeding in binding it but when they went to unleash it, none of them was alive at the end of the day. They bound it into a staff with the skull of one of the white men who was coming to scout their lands. At the point of activiation the area was…destroyed, life, spirit and so far as the river knew, otherwise.

Upon returning to the graveyard, the pack began to look into claiming their river territory, finding sarah brightman and talking to Death Clock. The alpha used the computer to locate Sarah Brightman…and than gave her a call. After two phone calls in which the first she thought the alpha was a fake cop just messing with her, and the second in which she thought the child on the other end of the phone someone murdered her father, she cursed for a while, the phone was passed around and eventually hung up. The pro was than called and the number of the alpha was given as the new number, as Bubba’s phone was disabled by the alpha.

An agreement to meet with the maniacs is arranged, the street kings will hold the peace talks on their territory, 6 oclock at the corkys. Until that time the pack spends time, first they hunt, than they gather a news paper and read through it. On the front of the paper is an 8 year old who has killed both of his parents. The shaman and the alpha did some investigating at city hall, the shaman makes friendly with the spirits of city hall and allows for the werewolf presence to be expressed within the hall. The shaman wastes time to appease the spirits, and the alpha goes to a computer to get the job done. The alpha than negotiates with both the girl and the spirit and eventually finds the information that he knows.

They spend some time in the park, the shaman scrounges for materials as they await the meeting time. When they get to the edge of the territory the alpha and the shaman both howl, and a young kid comes over to greet them. They get to corky’s and two of the street kings are in front turning away regular clientel. The peace talks began! They went well, the alpha managed to use diplomacy and once the initial stages were done, the shaman spoke with both the other packs, starting with the maniacs and finally got some information on what the left flank was. The shaman offered his services in the art of spirit branding to them and theirs, and told them to talk to Blake should she need it. The maniacs and the unstoppable flow were exchanging good information when at 7 o’clock the maniacs were scheduled to patrol, they left as one.

At which point the shaman went over to the street kings to make introductions and hopefully share information… until the street king himself and the Rahu discovered that, “Hey don’t we hate each other?” The answer was yes. They challenged each other… and the shaman declared that he could act as judge between the two disputing parties. They traveled to a park where the shaman prepared the circle for the fight, inscribing it with runes in the first tongue… and setting a clock as the base of the circle so that Death Clock would feed. ...and Bubba was taken down in the first swing, before he could even shift forms. Bubba conked out, and the street king went into a death rage. He than threw bubba out of the circle and his pack all jumped on him. Bubba recovered in the park, after the shaman poored alchohol all over him and the alpha dragged him to a bench to make him seem drunk, at which point the shaman went around and disperesed all of Bubba’s blood from the location so he wouldnt be tracked.

At which point Bubba regains consciousness and the pack travels back to the cemetary. While at the cemetary Bubba recovers and the alpha and shaman go to Timmy’s place… THE ALPHA THAN PLACES BUBBA ON TIME OUT. where a Sarah Brightman is yelling into a cell phone in her rental car. The alpha morphs to go and talk to her…and as he talks to her and she yells at him some, the shaman sneaks behind the car…moprhs…flattens her tire…morphs back…and goes back into hiding. When the alpha walks off he shifts back into wolf form and goes to hiding with the shaman. At which point she calls the sheriff and he comes out to fix the problem, when he gets there she slaps him and its apparent he has no interest in her and her case. She was also on the phone with someone else, and not the sheriff as she had originally claimed. The sheriff clearly indulged in some sloth and than went back about his business.

We than went to the house to investigate the small child and the killing that he did. The shaman was investigating outside and talking with both death clock and the spirit of the house, he learned what happened in the house. The shaman learned that the boy walked into the room and read from a sheet of paper at which point the parents were supernaturally paralyzed, and he killed them… the shaman and neither of the spirits could identify the supernatural power that was used by the boy.

Bubba was peeking in the window, and the alpha was going around the back. Bubba noticed a book, but the alpha started touching it. The book was in latin and more than clearly supernatura. The shaman read the spirit and noticed its ban, and informed the alpha. The alpha desided to read the book anyway, he spent 30 minutes and not resisting at all the supernatural influence of the spirit book that it was exerting over his brain. The shaman eventually slapped the book out of his hand… and it was placed in a book bag. The alpha searched the house and discovered a book in the childs book bag that was arcane, he found cocaine in the mothers shoe, three knives, and 70 bucks.

And than they ran off into the direction of the lake.


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Pack of the Unstoppable Flow

I added my secret GM notes that I’d been keeping over the course of the session. You can’t see ‘em, cause you’re not the GM. :P

Pack of the Unstoppable Flow

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