Werewolves of WoD

Staking a Claim

Session - 2, Death Rages - 2 (4)

We finished our discussions with the graveyard spirit, and we aquired ourselves a spirit totem with the name of ‘Death Clock.’ He is more of a sit back and watch and help from afar spirit, than a here I go let’s brawl type of spirit. The shaman at this point took blood from every member of the pack.

From the graveyard we moved on to the Airport to return the car and scout out the Fairgrounds. Our Leader freaked the hell out of the guy who we attempted to return the rented car to, and as he ran we plundered his security booth. (Aquired: Smartphone, Kindle) Lowell disabled the cameras and we returned the car.

We went into the Airport after making a connection with a man known as Fast Fingered Freddy, our local black market connection, so far as he is aware. We than moved into the terminal where we found the spirit of ‘lost hope’ the shaman offered chiminage while the Iron Master went to talk with the woman working behind the counter, the shaman negotiated safe passage for the pack across the gauntlet… and Lowell scared the lady so bad she fled the airport entirely.

The pack crossed over and spoke with the spirit, attempting to gain information on the apache fairground, striking a bargain with the spirit: if they delay an airplane for long enough and create an appropriate feeling of despair amongst the passengers, he will give the information we require. The pack then fled the airport, after disabling some cameras and stealing a schedule for the airports. The phone behind the counter was blinking, but Lowell chose to ignore it. We left the Airport, sniffed the outskirts of the Fairgrounds, and than ran to the Tennis Court.

At the courts, the alpha met with the new Blood Talon in town and after a brief discussion he agreed to take her on. Gary, as he was named, cut himself and the shaman took her blood, the shaman has now taken blood from every member of the pack. They than moved on to the school... from the school they snuck around the back, evading the janitor, and hopped a fence…whereupon they stopped to make a bunch of phone calls. The shaman noticed the two different spirit courts, in the gym those of athletic greatness and on the playground those of shame and ridicule. The alpha called thepro, and than the maniacs, and than finally the white mountain kings. Maniacs were mildly sarcastic, but the white mountain kings’s seemed more helpful even providing information that Sara Brightman the daughter of Timmy, the now dead grounds keeper is perhaps able into revenge. After that the Alpha called the Cleveland Street Kings, a short discussion later, we walked from the school to the gas station.

The shamanmanaged to procure water and a coffee container full of that which contains some liquid to kill plants. After that, they traveled to the farm house of farmer Uwell. At which point they attempted to speak with the spirits of the grain silo, and were repeatedly insulted as both werewolves and children of Luna. It should be noted the spirit was smack talking the Uratha and the mother Moon, the shaman declared they must be repaid in kind, but in smack talk and in general smacking. The alphadeclared an attack, the blood talon killed the messenger, and combat was engaged.

The first messenger was killed rather quickly, the second two at the top of the ramp began fire upon the alpha, the blood talon...attempted an improbable feat of acrobatics, and found himself removed from combat. Bubba ran around back and came in from the rear, and killed a spirit of an oak tree which was guarding the flank. The Storm Lord went into a Death Rage, and Lowell and the Child Shaman finished off the last blaster spirit. Upon noticing the giant spirit, Lowell jumped in, and the child shaman ran back to his pack. The shamantalked the Storm Lord out of his death rage, then collected his pack and ran back. Bubba finished off the oak and jumped right into the giant spirit in the silo. The child shaman began starting fires…again. Raining fire upon the spirit of greed and grain he discovered that he had chanced upon its Ban, at which point the shamanand the storm lord rained fire down upon him.

As the spirit of the Silo was dispatched, Lowell feasted upon its Corpus, indulging his Vice of Gluttony. Blake and Azriel set out to intercept Farmer Uwell, who was stirred by the sounds of combat and the fire in his precious silo. Bubba, misreading the intentions of the Alpha, ran away from the area, believing the engagement to be ended and discretion to be paramount. Azriel and Blake intercepted the farmer successfully, but Uwell was able to get off a blast with his shotgun, putting Blake into a rage of flight. Azriel successfully finished off the panicking farmer on his own shortly thereafter.

A search of the farm yielded both gasoline and explosives, enough to blow the dam and still have some left over. When searching the house, we discovered the deeds to the farm, and a permit to reroute the river, as well as a letter from his cousin telling him the city council have been paid off, and alluding to the illegal acts to get the paper work through. Massive fire was started all over the farm, the shaman covered the body in gasoline so that the wolf bites would be covered up. At the point the dam was blown, and the farm was burning, they ran to the copse of tree’s to watch the river spirit awaken…and as it opened it’s mouth to howl at its revival…

Guillermo likes cliff hangers.



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