Child Shaman.


Character Sheet (GWLlosa/saratoga)

|Read Spirit|Int+Occult+Cunning|105|1 Essense|
|Luck Eater|Wits+Occult+Cunning|92 (Lore)|1 Essense|
|Scent of Taint|Wits+Occult+Purity|123|None|

|Rite of the Spirit Brand| Page 151 Core |Cost – None.|Harmony | 15 successes, each roll represents one minute of effort.) ( 20 successes is exceptional, +1 on social rolls with spirits for the remainder of the scene.)


Not all things go according to plans, no one in the family of five could have planned for this…

Some kids have clowns for their twelfth birthday parties… but than again most kids eat cake during their parties, not their family members…

The weeks prior to the birthday party had given no one in the family any warning of the events to come. Perhaps had the child spoken to his grand parents more… perhaps if he had told the adults the strange things he was seeing… perhaps many things. Catching glimpses of the spirit world and the spirit world catching glimpses of him, was fun for the child at first. He had always had an active imagination, and this new game was just one amongst many. Attributing it to the movies he had been watching, half of it was glimpses of the spirit world and half of it was truely his flights of fancy…

During his twelfth birthday party, attended by his close friends and relations, the young Ithaeur made his first change. The child’s vision shifted completely into that of the shadow, the smell of the taint filled his senses, and the war of the spirits filled his sight. He watched for as long as he was able, the intense fighting of the spirits filled his mind with a fear he had not known before. The crescent moon was almost hidden behind the clouds, and as the spiritual conflict drew closer to the child, the child drew closer to the beast… his first change was into the war form, and he had no understanding of how to control it, nor the urge to do so. At the center of his party where once there was a young man…now stood a Gauru in his full power, and in full death rage.

No one escaped alive, caught by suprise most of his family and friends didn’t even fight back. Lunacy taking the others, even as his jaws closed around their throats and his claws ripped out their vitals. Some strange lethargy besides lunacy seemed to settle over the members of the party, almost as if some part of them had been killed even prior to the massacre. When the child finally came to, naked, covered in the blood of his loved ones, and surroundered by their decapitated heads… the memories slowly started to come back.

Besot himself with grief, with no one left to turn to, no idea what to do… he ran. He ran from the house, from the corpses, he ran from everything, most of all himself. He stopped only to collapse, and upon awakening he ran on. With no destination in mind, and less of a mind to speak of as each day went on and all he could do was think of what he had done, his time was limited. On one such occasion he collapsed within the walls of a grave yard, and upon awakening was treated with a vision…a spirit wearing a mortal mask numina, an older gentleman, in a nice suit, with a top hat, and giving of an air of total confidence.

The child looked in wonder, and approached cautiously. He asked the man if he was a ghost, if he was haunting this grave yard. The man laughed and said ," I do not haunt this yard, this yard haunts me, it holds me to its borders, where once it was a sanctuary now it is a cage…a cage I have grown to large for. No child I am not a ghost… and I have no desire to haunt this graveyard as if I were…" The child thought about it for a moment, and was going to ask what the man was… when he broke down in tears, once more thinking of what he had done.

The man leaned forward over his cane, and asked the child if he needed…help. The child managed to stiffle his sobs, and sniffling, asked the man what he could do for him. The man responded, “life is full of hard choices, life is always changing and not always for the better, nothing in life is final but death. Anything can be killed, even the pain you are feeling now, death comes for everything…” …the child asked if the man could kill the memories? the child swore he would do anything if only the pain would go away… The man smiled, a wholly inhuman smile, and said… “Deal” The spirit killed the memories, and the emotions that could cause pain…and consumed them…growing himself as the boy was diminished…

The spirit in his new strength was no longer bound to this territory, he could survive farther away from his fetter…especially if he had a young man to carry it around.
The spirit walked out of the graveyard that day, and the young man with no tears left was only a few steps behind him…for the next two years the spirit and the young man whose memories had been devoured, traveled together. For some reason the spirit helped to re-educate him, he taught him the things he felt a boy should know, the first tongue, occult knowledge, medical knowledge…and chiminage, the importance of deals, and about his different forms. He showed him gifts, and even told him of a deal the child had made with the moon before the man had even met him…an oath he would always have to follow…

After two long years and many miles of travel the man smiled at the boy one last time, and said, " It is time for you to go out and make a name for yourself, for now you are Azriel, In Death’s Shadow, but you must become more…go out into the world and find your place, find your pack, and find yourself…and perhaps than we can meet again. The boy blinked, and repeated the name ‘Azriel, in death’s shadow’ a couple of times to himself… slowly nodded to the man and walked away. The man smiled his inhuman smile and faded from the physical realm into twilight…the boy never looked back.


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